Corporate Information

Located in Bangkok, STH Holdings Co., Ltd. is a major player in the professional audio and live entertainment industry, with five subsidiaries and one associate forming a well-structured assembly under its umbrella.

Overview as of 1 October 2023

One Systems Tech

We source the best-valued raw materials for our brands.

One Systems Tech is a procurement company based in Taiwan. We leverage from being a local company to negotiate and find the best suppliers and raw materials at the highest quality for our brands.

STH A-Ton (Thailand)

We strive to produce reliable voice coil for different kinds of loudspeakers.

STH A-Ton (Thailand) is a reputable voice coil manufacturer that originated in Taiwan in 1973. Voice coil is a crucial component used in loudspeakers. We utilize modern technology and an experienced factory team to ensure our product quality and consistency. Our ambition is to become the leading voice coil supplier for top loudspeaker brands in the world.

STH Professional Audio Co., Ltd.

We help people enjoy the audio they love by designing and delivering better audio products.

STH Professional Audio owns the trademark of two professional audio brands, namely P.Audio, a loudspeaker manufacturer brand founded in Thailand in 1991 ; and One Systems, a weatherproof loudspeaker brand suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. We manage the research, design, and distribution of these two brands.

One Systems Inc.

We ensure the best audio quality for all applications and environments.

One Systems Inc. designs and builds premium professional loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor applications. Our speakers are best known for their durability in direct weather and harsh environments. They are intentionally built and designed to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining high audio quality.

One Systems Global Production Co., Ltd.

We strive to bring incredible audio-visual enjoyment to every live show and event.

One Systems Global Production is an audio and lighting equipment rental company based in Bangkok. We own the L-Acoustic Systems and over 1,000 pcs of computer lights in Thailand that can serve concerts and events at any scale. Our experienced engineers will offer the best-suited service plan tailored to each customer’s needs.

GP Electronics & Acoustics Co., Ltd

We manufacturing professional audio product for OEM basis in Thailand.

Subsidiary company of the Gold Peak Group, an Asian multinational group which owns high-quality industrial investments via GP Industries Ltd, its major industrial investment vehicle. The Group has built renowned brand names for its major product categories, such as GP Batteries, KEF premium consumer speakers and CELESTION professional speaker drivers.

Howard Chen

Group Founder

Business owner for STH group with over 20 years of experience in professional audio and live music industry.

Tony Chen

Group Founder

Business owner for STH group with over 20 years of experience in professional audio manufacturing and sales.