About Us

STH Holdings Co., Ltd. (STHH), headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is a prominent investment holding company that operates as the cornerstone of a dynamic group of subsidiaries and associates. With our unwavering commitment and deep-rooted expertise in the professional audio industry, we have established ourselves as a driving catalyst for innovation and success.

Comprising five subsidiaries and one associate, our group encompasses a comprehensive range of expertise and services to meet the diverse needs of our stakeholders. 

One Systems Tech (OST), based in Taiwan, serves as our procurement center, ensuring efficient sourcing and supply chain management. STH A-Ton (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (STHAT), located in Thailand, excels in the manufacturing of voice coils and speakers, delivering cutting-edge audio components of unparalleled quality. STH Professional Audio Co.,Ltd. (STHPA), also based in Thailand, is dedicated to delivering exceptional audio solutions, especially the esteemed brand “P.Audio”, to our valued customers. One Systems Inc. (OSI), established in the United States, takes pride in its expertise in marketing and selling products, proudly bearing the renowned brand “ONE SYSTEMS”. Furthermore, One Systems Global Production Co., Ltd. (OSGP), operating in Thailand, specializes in audio and lighting equipment rental, catering to show and event management needs, both locally and internationally. 

Our associate, GP Electronics & Acoustics Co., Ltd. (GPEA), invested with a 10% stake, excels in the manufacturing of speaker products for STHPA, ensuring our commitment to exceptional quality and performance.

At STH Group, we are dedicated to empowering excellence throughout the professional audio industry. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of our subsidiaries and associate, we are able to deliver innovative solutions, exceptional products, and unrivaled service to our valued stakeholders.


We are dedicated to enhancing the world of audio by delivering exceptional solutions and products. We strive to empower professionals and enthusiasts alike with cutting-edge audio technologies that inspire creativity, captivate audiences, and elevate the entertainment experience. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we aim to be the trusted partner that sets new standards in the professional audio and live music industry.


To redefine the audio industry through innovation and creativity, inspiring captivating experiences that transcend boundaries and ignite the imagination of people.

Core Values





Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture

We cultivate an inclusive workplace culture by embracing differences and promoting collaboration. We uphold respect, teamwork, and equal treatment and commit to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all our employees.

Overview as of 1 October 2023

The diversity in age among employees in our company is a valuable asset. We have a wide range of age groups represented. This diversity plays a significant role in fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We have a healthy mix of experienced professionals who bring invaluable knowledge and wisdom, as well as young talents who inject fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. The intergenerational collaboration and mentorship opportunities that arise from this balanced age distribution contribute to the overall growth and success of our organization.


of our executives and management team are women

We are actively pursuing gender equality in mid and senior management. Through fair promotion processes, we aim to create a balanced and inclusive leadership team. By actively addressing gender disparities in mid and senior management, we are fostering a culture that celebrates and utilizes the diverse talents and perspectives of all employees, leading to greater innovation, success, and long-term sustainability for our company.


of our executives and management team are women